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Tsiknopempti (March 7th, 2013)

(meaning Thursday that smells grilled meat)

When: tsiknopempti is a moveable feast, usually in late February or in early March.

The tradition: the name says it all; on this day the air literally smells like grilled meat. Families and friends gather for diner and set up grills everywhere: in the backyard, the terrace, the fireplace. Even at the streets people grill and invite neighbors and people passing by for a bite and a sip of wine. The taverns are full of people and people that work order delivery. This day’s other important feature is the appearance of the first masquerades. For the next ten days, until the culmination of the Carnival celebrations, there are numerous carnivalistic events throughout the country.

The food: lamb chops, burgers, sausages and anything that can be put on the grill!

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